Composer, Arranger, Performer


Sean Schafianski
I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana but was raised primarily here in West Michigan.  Ever since I was young, I have always had a love for music, whether it be classical, metal, etc.  I started playing trumpet in middle school, but soon switched to saxophone.  I've played the sax ever since.  I got into playing piano after receiving an old electronic keyboard for Christmas as a kid, and soon I was teaching myself how to play Mozart and the like.  I never had any formal training, but managed to get good enough to skip some levels once in college.  After studying composition for a brief term, I became interested in writing music.  And now here we are.

I now go to Grand Rapids Community College and I'm majoring in Music Education.  Soon I will be transferring to Grand Valley to continue this path, hopefully with a minor in composition!